Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Doug Fattic's Framebuilding Class

Since I intend to keep writing on this blog, and since it's not exactly ideal to read about the class in reverse-chronology, this entry is meant as an index to my entries about the experience of Doug Fattic's framebuilding class. I posted these every night during my two-week class, and will leave them exactly as they originally appeared.

Introduction: Off to Niles
Day 0: Toronto to Niles
Day 1: Designing the Frame
Day 2: Lug Shaping and Mitering
Day 3: Brazing
Day 4: Starting on the Forks
Day 5: More fork work, etc.
Day 6: Lots of Brazing by Me... Disaster for Dan
Day 7: Rest
Day 8: Tacking and Brazing the Front Triangle
Day 9: Finishing the Front Triangle, Starting on Lug Filing
Day 10: Brazing the Chainstays
Day 11: Brazing the seatstays
Day 12: Brake and Chainstay Bridges
Day 13: Frame is finished

Update: the completed, painted, and built-up frame can be seen here.


Me said...

pays to link! I would have never found these posts. I plan on reading every one of them!

josh said...

Thanks for posting all of this. It was one of the things that made me choose Doug's class over some of the alternatives (I take it early next year). Bike looks very nice.