Monday, August 25, 2008

Finish Filing, Day 1: Working on the Dropouts

Yes, my files finally arrived today. This did not happen until 5pm or so, and then I set straight away to finishing off the work I left off approximately a month ago: finishing the scallops on the front dropouts and at the seatstay/rear dropout connection.

After several hours, they're not particularly straight or even or perfect, but they certainly do look a lot better than they've looked for the past month. It's very nice to be finally beginning to finish this frame. (Yes, the scallops on the front dopouts, pictured below, do look comically high-up, don't they? That's so the file wouldn't hit the eyelet. I presume other people, whose scallops are not nearly so vertiginous, are both better filers than I and use Dynafiles.)

It will, of course, take a while. I'm planning on two days for each of the headlugs, and then a day or two to clean up all the other areas.

I'd been contemplating adding a braze-on at the rear for a light, but I've just decided to mount any possible light on the fenders — and for them to be battery powered. So that solves that.

More to follow tomorrow, and with better commentary...

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