Saturday, August 23, 2008

Further thoughts as I await my files...

No, they're still not here. But I do have my vise attached to my desk (an oak one, and very sturdy), and have wood blocks. It has been extremely difficult to resist using my very crappy Home Hardware files. Indeed, I have used them quite a bit removing flux, etc.

While I wait, I have been busily determining what to do about tire size and my rack, and thinking hard about logos. The results are these. I will use the Grand Bois Cerf 28s tires and not use the rack. The tang on the Velo orange rack interferes too much with the fender and the brake arms to be used with anything larger than a 26mm tire. But if instead of using the rack I attach a front fender stay to the "rack mounts" on the fork, I can fit in a tire as big as a 30. That's pushing it a bit, though, and I designed by geometry around 26es -- so I'll use a 28. This way, no bottom bracket drop issue. And, my bike ends up even more like the Rene Herse bike I'm basing mine on: it too has bosses for a front rack repurposed to attach a fender stay. (To all readers of this blog who are friends rather than bike geeks, I apologize for this paragraph, and offer the only slightly more exciting next one...)

I have also decided to stick to my guns about my headtube logo. The Wyndham Lewisey top/bell is back in business, only with a slight change. On the headtube, I will somehow get a piece of stainless stell cut in the shape of the bell, and screw it on like a headbadge. It will be only the bell; no writing. And then on the seat tube, the version with the writing will appear, in dark blue. Note the very slight differences in this version: curved lines, and a bigger Toronto Ontario font.

I sure do hope those files come soon. Having everything so tantalizingly close to completion is nearly driving me mad.

In other news: I will try to devote one day per week to framebuilding over the winter. I'm hoping to get three or so frames done in that time, and to begin making this an official "side-project." I think that my first frame (his name is Niles for those who care to know...) will after all be pretty and cool enough to serve as a "calling card" frame. I'll charge only for materials and shop-rental time initially...

Update: no —wait — this logo is going on the seat tube, isn't it?

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