Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waiting for stuff, new headtube logo

I've been away on vacation for the last week, recovering from the very exhausting "vacation" that was the framebuilding class. While not reading or swimming, I decided I needed a simpler and "classier" headtube logo, and have come up with the one at the right. It also shows the colour scheme I've settled on: grey-blue with dark blue lettering and box lining. It will look very nice with all the parts I have for the bike, especially the Dura Ace cranks, which would have looked bad with the red colour.

Also: my frame pump, a Zefal "Lapize," arrived yesterday from France (it cost about $10, even with shipping!). Unfortunately, the 465mm quoted length was a fully-compressed length, so it didn't fit. But after a few frantic minutes of hacksawing and slide-hammering, I cut a few centimetres off of the barrel and squeezed it in. It looks very, very good now.

In other parts news, I found some Stronglight A9 headsets for a very good price from Spa Cycles and bought four of them. These will go on my first four frames! (The next one will likely be a city-type frame for a friend, then a fancy city frame for my girlfriend, then a randonneur with 650x42 tires for me...)

Meanwhile, I wait somewhat impatiently for my wood blocks and my files to arrive so that I can actually get to work on finishing up the frame.

UPDATE: New thoughts on the logo. Which looks better? The debate is between balance and confusion to the eye.

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