Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shop Tour

I have officially begun work on my second frame. Since I live in an apartment and have only sporadic access to a shop, I have converted the corner where I do my normal, grad student work for double duty. I clamped my vise to the corner of my sturdy oak desk (using a tablecloth to hopefully prevent damaging it!) and used some nails to create a little file-rack. The French-English dictionary and Serge Gainsbourg CD box set are equally important to the creation of this second bicycle. Enlarge the photo to make sense of it.

For now I've done some practice brazing (including the practice fillet-brazed stem visible in the photo) and have done a full-scale drawing of my frame. I am nearly done carving my Prugnat lugs into a shape only vaguely resembling the original one. Then I'll get to work filing out the lugs from the inside so that they'll accommodate the tube set, and I'll begin brazing. Hopefully I can get the steerer/fork crown, the dropouts, and possibly the ST/BB joint done a week from Saturday.

The sale of the items below (only 1/3 completed!) is to fund these framebuilding adventures!

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