Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lug Shapes

It's incredible how much work it takes to carve a set of lugs. I've been working on these for hours and hours, and I'm still not quite happy with them. Investment cast lugs: they make so much sense!

They began as Prugnat "Type S" stamped lugs. They're probably down to about 50% of their original material at this point. I think I'll probably shorten the point on the downtube a bit, and certainly thin it out some more—but I'll wait until I've settled on a fork crown, i.e. if I can get a Pacenti "Artisan II" in time for building.

For now, here they are:

The "curve" along the top of the headtube is the thing I like most in this lug shape.
I've made a pretty serious "spoon" on the underside of the TT.

The point seems a bit "heavy" to me.

I don't think this seat lug is ever going to be especially gorgeous, but I've done what I can.


Chandler said...
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RMHampel said...

Lovely work there.

However, you'd better stop filing soon. The lugs still need enough coverage to actually hold the tubes together. ';-))

Seriously, this is looking to be a great bike.


AH said...

Thanks Ron!

And yes, I know, they're getting a bit thin :) But I've seen "tighter" lugs from builders whose bikes seem to hold together pretty well (like Peter Weigle, whose bikes I was watching pretty closely as I carved out my shapes).

I'm dying to get going on the bike! Still need to get my hands on a crown a fork blades before I can complete the drawing and start mitering and brazing...