Monday, January 18, 2010

Mavic Derailleurs *sold*

I'll leave this up for fun. These derailleurs sold within minutes of being posted!

It's time to clear out some stuff I'm not using. First, two rare and nice Mavic derailleurs.

Mavic 851 rear derailleur

Absolutely beautiful, very lightweight derailleur used by Sean Kelly in the 1980s to win races! This one (lightly used) is especially attractive, since all the silver sections of the derailleur have been de-anodized and polished to a mirror finish. The cage plate slides side-to-side to allow use with freewheels up to 32 teeth. For best performance, though, I've found it prefers a narrower range. Includes hard-to-find washer!

Mavic 862 braze-on front derailleur (NOS)

More info here. This is NOS and perfect. Not a perfect match for the above, since the black anodizing is really black here, whereas it's more dark grey above. Also this has the outlined logo.

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