Thursday, April 21, 2011

Greg Curnoe Bike Photo of the Day #6: From the Front

Here, in the last of our series, is Greg Curnoe Bike seen from the front, on the proper Curnoe-ian non-driveside. Over the weekend I'll glue the tubulars and get the rest ready. Then on Monday I'll pick up the frame and install the headset. Then I'll build everything up... I'm also hard at work on a lengthy, energetic, and theoretically thorough Statement of Artistic Intent that I will unleash on this blog when everything is ready. I can't wait.


Harry Quinn said...

Looks amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing it built up. Fender shots please!

AH said...

I haven't seen them yet myself! But I'll post a shot when I have one. They Honjos, painted by Noah to the actual colour or orange Curnoe used for the tires in the print. (We colour-matched to an original Curnoe!)

Anonymous said...

My vote for your statement: Tradition and the Individual Talent!