Saturday, April 16, 2011

Greg Curnoe Bike Photo of the Day #2: Seat Cluster

Here is the second photo. This one reveals, in addition to the lovely and colourful paint job, some less than stellar lug filing. The lug edges look very mushy and the lug itself a bit uneven—which is a bit surprising, given the absolutely insane amount of time I spent on this lug. But this is the drive side, which is not the "show" side of the bike. Things may, and should, look sharper from the other side. But let's stay positive: it looks pretty amazing.


Chris Collins said...

Your goofy observation reminds me of an anecdote:

An aged Frank Lloyd Wright was coming to visit some young architectural students, who where very excited to meet the legend. The school possessed a rare and remarkable early set of plans by him, ones that decades earlier had signaled his place among the architectural master. All students studied and admired the seminal set of plans. So, meeting the man was over the top.

On the day of his visit, the students led him to their main design studio. Reverently they brought forth the valuable plans and unrolled them for him to see.

With brimming pride and wide-eyes they looked to him.

Frank Lloyd Wright looked at the drawing for a second. After a rich pregnant pause he knowingly said "Ah, yes."

Then he whipped out the pencil from behind his ear and began to erase an extend transom while saying "Ha, what was I thinking, that is ridiculous."

The filing of your lugs is fine.

AH said...

This is the precisely the kind of support I rely on my readers for!

Photo of the (Business) Day should resume today...