Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bikes vs. Books

The books have been winning, my friends. I'm in the period of final revisions on my thesis, and also trying to figure out what I'll be doing next year, and so have been out of the framebuilding shop for the last two months. In that time, dear Greg Curnoe bike has been patiently waiting for me to match Noah's paint-book to the original Curnoe print. That will happen tonight, I'm happy to say.

In the meantime, here is the colour-scheme sketch I'll give Noah tonight. (I can't wait to see the finished product!!)


Anonymous said...

If the Canadian academic job market is anything like the US one, you might be better off trading the books for a welding torch. You make beautiful things, don't have to bow and scrape to mediocrities above you on the ladder, and you're books will never go away. They just won't become mattocks and hammers of vocational oppression, wearing you down. Just sayin'.

AH said...

Well I very much appreciate your saying I make beautiful things! And these thoughts have crossed my mind as well :) So don't worry!

Just back from colour-matching the Curnoe print, a completely awe-inspiring sight in person.

Anonymous said...

Hi AH,

I just finished reading through your whole blog and I am hugely impressed by your work ethic, eye for proportion and attention to detail.

As a hobbie jeweler I solder with silver and gold using an L.P.G. torch and am fascinated by your description of an oxygen 'concentrator' helping to power your torch. Can you tell me some more about it or point me to a resource.

Nick Bucher

AH said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your kind comments!

Oxygen concentrators are normally used for medical purposes, but work very well with our oxy-propane brazing setup, and would definitely be more than adequate for jewelry. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page.

A sad truth about oxygen concentrators: since they are often used by very sick people, and since other sick people tend not to want to buy used medical equipment, these can often be purchased quite cheaply used. But the person selling them, usually for a deceased relative, will be going through a rough period -- so consider oxygen concentrators a "NO HAGGLE" item!