Saturday, January 22, 2011

Greg Curnoe Bike is In For Paint

I thought the day would never come, but at last it has: I have done everything I can for the Curnoe bike; Noah must take it from here.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Greg Curnoe collaborated with a specialist in silk-screening to make the print on which my bike is based (I can't recall where I read the details; if you know them, please leave them in a comment). This was a considerable technical feat, and his work was much admired. Noah of Velocolour is no less an expert, and his challenge will be no less considerable. This is going to be a complicated, time-consuming paint job. I can't wait to see it.

It's very fitting also that my bike will be roommates for the next few months with what's left of the original "Mariposa T. T." As you can read here, Curnoe crashed the bike that served as the model for his painting and had Mariposa rebuild it as a low-profile time trial bike. This bike is in Mike Barry's collection and resides at Bicycle Specialties, where Noah does his painting. Above you can see my frame posing with the seat tube, rear triangle, and (I presume) fork of the original bike. Note the family resemblance in the seat lugs.


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jugdish said...

Any updates on the painting so far?

AH said...

These things take time! But I'm finally going to do the colour-matching this week. Stay tuned!