Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finished Seat Lug

Since the last photos, I've brazed in a reinforcement to my Prugnat "Type S" seat lug and completed my carving job. I think I've transformed this frumpy lug into something quite nice. And, with the reinforcing, it's also much stronger. Glamorously presented below:


OAP said...

hey show us the reinforcement!

Nice lug of course.

AH said...

I just need to work my way out of my artsy, "one huge photo and no text" phase. Tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam -
I'm taking Doug Fattic's class right now and he said you were wondering if I might bring a fixture back with me. It's totally possible: I'd bring it back to Peterborough, and it's only a 2hr $20ish round-trip bus ride on Greyhound or GO for you to come pick it up (I live quite close to the terminal). Shoot me an email at cmccarten at if you're interested.