Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clive is Dead, Long Live Clive!

Due to a truly bizarre and unforeseeable circumstance—and one not at all his fault—Dan had to scrap the frame he made for me and build a completely new one. The bad news is that I probably won't get to see the frame all painted before I leave on a long trip late this month. So I won't be able to post setup photos, etc., until I get back in January. The good news is that Clive #2 is nearly done, and ready for viewing on Dan's flickr. The dropouts look very nice, and that seat collar is something I've never seen before.

In other news, in the last month I have finally defeated a trinity of dastardly plantar warts that have been hampering my cycling and ruining my life since last summer. In something of a departure into medical blogging, I will put up a post soon about my method for killing them—which is deadly and effective!

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mcscholt said...

What was the issue?

The sp clamp treatment looks really nice.