Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Portraits

Last night, in a very kind post on the iBOB list, Doug Fattic likened his frames to his children, and my frame "Niles" to his grandchild. I've been thinking of Niles along these lines myself, of course. And so now I present a series of family portraits, from his gestation to his maturity.

Concentrating hard as I braze his first main triangle joint: bottom bracket to seat tube. Relatively small amount of stubble indicates it's early in the two weeks.

Doing something or other to poor Niles's upper headlug. Increasing stubble and maniacal appearance indicate it's nearing the end of the class.

"Grandpa" helping out when something went wrong...

Posing for a shot outside the shop with "Uncle" Dan. Scruffy appearance and dazed look (I refer to both Niles and myself; poor Niles didn't even get a sandblasting) indicate final day.

Niles, earlier today, sheepishly preparing for the photo shoot. (He needed his bartape shellacqued.)

The proud father and his bike, dressed to match.

... so very proud that he needed two shots. Proud also of his shirt, made by the bike's "mother" (also the photographer.)

These straps too, of course, were made by "Mom."

Riding at strikingly high speeds, barely visible on film.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post about what's to come for Niles (some lights on his fenders, a bell mounted on his stem) and for me (I'd really like to find some shop space to keep building in, but am poor, tool-less, and garage-less.) I will also post about a long ride I plan on taking with Niles very soon, once I get all the little fender-squeaks worked out. He's almost there.

And yes, I'm very proud!

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