Saturday, October 18, 2008

Campagnolo Keychains

As some of you may recall, I recently turned some Nuovo Record shift levers into downtube cable stops for Briggs, one of my bikes. This left me with two decapitated shift levers, which I immediately thought of turning into keychains. And so I have. I drilled holes and filed off the ends, and there we have it: in my opinion, the coolest keychain imaginable. (Accuse me of heresy if you will, but I was also recycling!)

In other news, I have a cool idea for a front rack for Niles. I face the usual problems of finding space and equipment to fabricate this rack. But my ride last Monday showed me how nice he is to ride on longish rides, so it might be worth it. (This would require a new front fender, unfortunately. It's a long-term project.)

Also, my search for lights is progressing well. An acquaintance is travelling to France soon and will look for a headlight there for me. And a local CR member has the taillight below for sale. Do you think it will look right? I think it might.


bikeville said...

I was just looking at the shifters you use and the one in the photo that is attached to the key ring is the rare earlier version of the Campagnolo logo, referred to as "open C". kinda like an sideways U. From the 1950s. Don't tell any of the CR guys, they will be rolling over.

AH said...

Oh Dear. Well, now I like my keychain even more! How odd that I had one "Open C" and one not...