Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Attempted Photoshoot

Today's attempt at a photoshoot was an utter failure. I thought that, to save myself some money, it would be a clever idea to just buy a huge piece of background paper ($60), tack it to the tennis backboard in the court around from my house, and thus get a "studio look" from natural lighting, and not have to lug the bike or the 9' roll of paper across the city.

There was one thing I was not counting on: WIND. Even the slightest gust was enough to nearly set the tennis backboard sailing. We got a couple of awful photographs before the gigantic piece of paper was ripped off the tacks. I have learnt my lesson.

(You will notice that I (on the left) am dressed up like Greg Curnoe. I did take a self-portrait with the bike later...)

So I just took the pictures with a normal, "real life" background. I think this probably makes more sense for my "project" anyway. The pictures are fairly decent. I'll post my full (now very lengthy) artistic statement later (tonight?), and the photos will accompany it. If anyone is sufficiently impressed by my artistic statement and/or the bike to want to take proper studio photographs, I will allow them to do so at their own expense. And if you need a tattered, dirty, ripped, gigantic white backdrop for the shoot, I have one to donate.

This, by the way, is the closest we got to a "usable" shot. Not great.


Neil said...

Hi Adam. The bike looks A-Maze-ing. There's something about the green/yellow paint combo that makes the frame look luminescent. Great job, and thanks for sharing.

AH said...

Thanks Neil! The credit for those luminescent colours (which look truly incredible in person and in the sunshine) goes to Greg Curnoe and to Noah.