Monday, October 25, 2010

Jocelyn Lovell Bike: Second Look

Some direct sunlight brought with it a better chance to take nice photos of this brilliantly painted bike. Here they are.

I had been planning on using the polished Dura Ace track cranks I used on Niles... but one look at these TAs up against the frame and I was convinced.

The only problem is getting the BB spindle length right. Some rough measurements suggest 107mm is going to be the way to go with these arms (the newer production ones). Unfortunately I can't use an SKF—the way the fixed cups are designed would make the spider bottom out.

Thank you, Wyndham Lewis.

Thank you, typeface designers at the Bauhaus, French logo-makers, Wes Anderson, and people who know Illustrator better than me.

It's a shame the 531 decal won't be in plain view—but the painted Silca is actually probably prettier. Lots of nice points at the seatlug...

Pump and seat tube.

Bottom bracket area. (That half-installed SKF, a 116mm one, is definitely not staying. Too bad, as the non-DS "cup" is red anodized and would match!)

Schopenhauer and Jocelyn Lovell Bike: casting shadows.


RMHampel said...

Great looking frame. On another note, I'm not convinced of the merits, either aesthetically or functionally of the TA track crank over the Dura Ace.

AH said...

I was 100% set on putting on the Dura Ace... but they just looked funny with the frame for some reason, and the TA looked absolutely perfect. It was a surprise. But now it looks like pretty much ALL my bikes will be Pro 5 Vis equipped, which is sort of fun. I think I'll sell the Dura Ace -- we'll see if anyone will pay anything for them without the logo (or the anodizing).

OAP said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see it in person and built up!

PS. I might have a project in mind for your DA, let's talk -wink-