Thursday, September 2, 2010

Filing, Day One

I took care of most of it today—just a bit of cleaning up here and there. Here's how he's looking today.

The seat cluster, all cleaned up. I'm really happy with how this all came out...

The fork with brazed-on Mafac bosses. Huge head tube!

Slotless front dropouts.

Crown and lower headlug.

From above. (There's some waviness to take out of that lower headlug...)

And now, some lovely hand-drawn colour scheme mockups. (Those are fork crowns seen from the top on the left, obviously.) I'm currently leaning toward the bottom one:

Update: I finished everything off today — it's ready for paint now! Also mounted the cranks to make sure clearance was okay. It is—but the NOS Nuovo Record 48T track chainring I bought for this bike... is not a track chainring! It's a 3/32". I can't believe I didn't notice!

Anyway, here are my latest thoughts on colour scheme, including a painted Silca pump:


RMHampel said...

That's a great looking bike, Adam.

I tend to agree with you on the bottom colour scheme. The less saturated blue looks more like the flag.

Michael S said...

Looks nice. However, I say paint the fork blue to match and add a white panel on the seat tube.

AH said...

Ron: I'm with you; that's the right colour.

And Michael: yeah, away with the white fork! Though I think I will leave the seat tube blue, put get Noah to paint my pump the white/cream colour. New mockup added to the post!

(ps: I put the finishing touches on things today... off to paint immediately!)