Sunday, May 23, 2010

Riding in Niagara

I've spent the past few days visiting my mother in Fenwick, Ontario and have spent a lot of time riding. The roads are beautiful around here: a great mix of flat farmland and the occasional surprising hill. I was riding the incredible dirt roads around Goodwood earlier in the week, but Niagara certainly gives that area a run for its money. Here are some photos:

This weekend also happened to be the running of the Niagara Classic—a well-known local race, which runs a few kilometers north of my mother's house. I went and previewed the course last night. The famous Saylor's Hill is steep. The Senior 1 men had to climb it ten times today. Once up there on Niles (my fixed gear) was sufficient to wear me out.

Here's a shot of the hill (Niles is visible in the bottom right):

And here is the lead group on the first lap:

The next time I come I'll leave my fixed gear at home and have a bit more fun on these climbs and descents...


Jim said...

It is nice to see Effingham be so well presented in your photos. The valley is a lovely place to ride.


AH said...

I would have taken lots of photos of Rockway and River Rd. north of the Welland River too if I'd had my camera along! But I think Sulphur Spring Dr. and its neighbours are my favourites...