Monday, March 8, 2010

Setting Up Shop

My lack of activity on here has been due not to a lack of bicycle activity but to a surplus of it.

In the last few weeks I have secured a place of my own to build; got of one Doug Fattic's design fixtures; found a surface plate; solidified a 75-year-old workbench; and moved all this stuff in to the work space—which also needed some cleaning. We (my friend Olivier and I) are going to try out an oxy-propane setup, getting oxygen from an oxygen concentrator rather than a tank. We have the concentrator and our torch. We're just waiting for some things to arrive in the mail, to adapt a drafting table as a base for the Fattic design fixture, and to install some lighting in our workspace before we can get going.

In the photo above you can see the fork blades that arrived yesterday on my full-scale drawing of the frame I'm about to begin (code name: Adam Jr.). We got these blades from John Clay, and they have his incredibly beautiful bend in them. I'll get around to trimming them once I'm in the shop.

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