Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Photos

The first photos of my little son, Clive, have been posted to the Cicli Polito flickr page!

Lots of progress has already been made—his tubes are mitred and his design is all set. The Mariposa rack apparently works perfectly with the frame, which is very good news. Now Dan has the huge job of organizing all the braze-ons.

The biggest worry for me is the lighting system. Of course, things are always more complicated once you actually get down to building them. I'm having trouble determining exactly how the switch sits in the stem-clamp tube, how to make a stem cap to attach to the switch, and what size to make the braze-on for the taillight. But these are small concerns compared to all the work Dan has ahead of him!

Another thing I've been debating is whether to stick with my Schmidt E6 headlight or buy one of the nice, but expensive and not-upside-down-mountable Edeluxes. This is one of the many problems of being on infinite long-term waitlists: you buy all your components, and then watch them slowly become obsolete...

Clive will be delivered some time toward the end of the month. Then he'll be off to Noah at Velocolour for painting (frame and derailleur) and chrome plating (stem and perhaps derailleur). It looks like I'll be able to get a few rides in before I leave to Hungary for four months in September.


Bronwyn said...

Clive is coming along must be very proud! :) I sure hope he's finished before you leave for Hungary (and that I have a chance to see him IRL!)

Lesli Larson said...

Hoping you'll document your design specifications for Clyde.

Additional features?

Looking forward to seeing the final product.

I'm working on the specifications for my own custom brevet bike.. which will hopefully be used at P-B-B.

Wishing Mariposa were still in the business of making up custom frames.

I've already made the much recommended transition over to an edelux headlight (but have yet to let go of my 3yr old schmidt hub).

At the BC Rando's Hell Week, on Vacouver Island, the fastest finisher rode a wonderful, all-chrome bike (inspired by The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles) which was built up by the the rider himself.

AH said...

Hi Lesli,
There is far more information than you could possible want here about our dear Clive.

I have purchased an Edelux AND a SON20R in the last week... though I am pleased about it, and planning on recycling my SON28 and E6 on a hypothetical future "commuting bike."

I was out for a ride with Mike B. today, and he was on one of his beautiful creations. Mariposas are my favourite bikes!

That chromed handbuilt randonneur looks wonderful! A bike you love and have created no doubt provides some extra motivation on "hellish" long rides!