Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clive's Construction is Imminent

Today, a box arrived in Cleveland containing the following:
  • a Mariposa front rack
  • a pair of engraved Mafac 2000 brakes
  • a set of Mafac braze-ons
  • a Mavic 840 rear derailleur
  • a Stronglight A9 headset
  • a Zefal Solibloc pump
  • a Champion slapguard
Fenders and a Simplex right-hand shift lever are en route from elsewhere.

Starting Friday, Dan Polito will be putting the frame together to receive these many parts. Some time in June, it will arrive here and I will begin connecting the wiring, fabricating lights, making switches, and having it painted.

Until then, watch the Cicli Polito flickr page.

As previous readers will know, I spent a few months on the Mariposa wait list for a randonneur. Then Mike retired, so I got on the Velo Orange wait list, where I remained for 16 months. Then VO ceased making these frames, and I went to NAHBS in March and met Dan, who said he could make me a frame in around four months. He's a wonderful guy and a fine framebuilder, and this frame is going to be very special, with lots of cool touches. I'm excited to see what Dan produces!


Jim G said...

"fabricating lights"...?

AH said...

Well, a light. I'm going to make a braze-on mounted LED taillight with some help from a friend!